Eyebrow Threading: Do You Like It Like I Do?


I’ve wanted to try eyebrow threading for a long time.  When I was in the States several years ago, I noticed there were some stalls in malls offering this service, but somehow I could not find the time to get it done.

Thus far, I keep my eyebrows in shape by plucking and tweezing stray hairs after I have them waxed off.  It works for some time, but I was curious to find out how different eyebrow threading is.

The art of eyebrow threading has long been practiced in the Middle East, India, China and Persia.  In ancient Persia, threading was an indication that a girl had reached adulthood.  However, eyebrow threading has been gaining popularity in the West as well in the recent years.

Eyebrow threading is apparently recommended for those with sensitive skin because unlike waxing, it does not involve stripping off a layer of cells from your skin…well, somewhat.  Eyebrow threading is done by twisting two strands of cotton thread in such a way that it grabs the hair and pulls it from the follicle level, row by row.  Yes, it does sound a tad painful, right?  But trust me, it’s not. 🙂

I had the chance to try eyebrow threading out for myself today.  I called up a well-recommended salon nearby, and they told me it would take all of 5 minutes to have my eyebrows done.  Well, 5 minutes works for me, because I would be having a 3-month old baby along with me, so the quicker the better! 🙂

So I arrived at the salon, was ushered to a chair like one of those in hair salons, and the threading specialist told me to bend my head backwards slightly.  Then I was asked to hold the skin around my eyes slightly taut; one hand placed above the eyebrow and the other below my closed eye.

She went to work immediately, deftly and swiftly moving the thread across my eyebrows.  It wasn’t as painful as waxing, and felt a little like using a razor to shave the eyebrows, but the difference is that the hair is pulled from the root.  Despite that, it wasn’t as painful as it sounds, and she was done with one eyebrow within one minute.

She then moved on to the other eyebrow and finished in equally super fast time.  She then dusted off the stray hairs and asked me to close my eyes for a minute while she checked and did some touch up.  The last step was applying a very light gel to soothe the eyebrows and I was all set!

Yes, it really took just FIVE minutes.

And my eyebrows look spectacular.  Here are the before and after photos (I’d grown out my eyebrows on purpose so the effect is more prominently seen):

What was the damage, you ask? It was only USD7, which was relatively cheaper than what an eyebrow waxing job would have cost.  Apparently eyebrow threading would keep the eyebrows looking tamed and groomed for a good 3 weeks or more depending on hair regrowth.

Well, I think I like it, and the good news is that when I get back to Penang, I’ve heard that there is a shop in Little India doing this too.

What do you think?

Have you experienced eyebrow threading before?  Do you like it?

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