Getting Reacquainted With Penang Food: The First Few Days

Hey peeps!  Yes, we made it back home!

After such a long-haul flight from US back to Malaysia, not to mention moving continents with 2 kids and a baby in tow, it’s amazing how we still have such a voracious appetite for food.  It helps that we have missed it in months, though, but here are some snippets of what we’ve been having in the past few days, while we battle our jet lag or whatever’s left of it.

White Curry Mee with Hainanese Chicken at Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights, Abu Sitee Lane:

Coconut Jelly from Joez Coconut:

On the second day after we’d arrived home, all of us fell fast asleep at about 5p.m. in the evening, all through the night.  Naturally we awoke early the next morning, at about 5:30a.m. -ish, which made it the perfect opportunity to have dim sum for breakfast!  It will probably be a LONG LONG while before we ever have dim sum as early as we did that day!

Here’s a glimpse of what we had at Maxim’s in Taman Pekaka:

Our food sessions continued with a visit to Mama’s at Abu Sitee Lane, where the kids enjoyed their favorite “taw-ewe-bak” served with steamed rice:

Finally, in this edition of getting-to-know-Penang-food, here are two ubiquitous favorites of mine.  Granted we did not yet have the chance to savor them from choice hawker stalls, they still tasted pretty darn good.  These were from Old Town coffee shop:

Good ol’ Assam Laksa:

… and a mouth-watering bowl of Ice Kacang, drizzled with rose syrup and milk, just the way I like it:

I hope to reveal another post with other yummy delicacies soon though, because we’re still working our way through all the food here.  Have a great week y’all!

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