Out With The Old, In With The New

Our shipment from the States arrived three days ago.

Our initial, ideal thought-out plan was to clean up our condo to have enough space for all our stuff when the shipment arrives.  We know the place is going to be filled with LOTS of boxes and other items, and being the claustrophobic person that I am, it was not going to be a pretty sight.  Plus it was not exactly an empty condo in the first place anyway!

But as the days wore on, I found it increasingly hard to find time (and sometimes energy) to do a good job cleaning out stuff.  So when we were informed the shipment was to arrive the following day, the hubby and I did a quick once-over and managed somehow to make a considerable amount of space for the boxes that were coming in.  It wasn’t a lot of space so to speak, but at least we could “see some floor space”.

Still, when they movers came and unloaded everything, our house looked totally crowded!  We had to arrange and rearrange all the items and thanks to hubby’s extremely good organizing and arranging skills, we have a somewhat okay floor space now.  The walkways and halls aren’t completely easy to breeze through, but despite some weaving in and out, we can still move around.  We haven’t totally unpacked yet, but we’re working on it.

Anyway, one of the items we had shipped back from the States was our new television.  All this time in Penang, we had been using a new CRT from way back when.  With the new television coming in, we would certainly need to make space for it, and that would mean finding a new home for the CRT.

A quick check with my Mom and she confirmed her cabinet space in Ipoh would not fit our CRT, so on impulse I checked out Eden Handicap‘s website and called them up.  I did not want to just throw away our old television, because truth be told, it was still working fine.  The only thing was that it’s super heavy and of course, the picture clarity is that of a CRT’s.

(Eden is a charitable non-profit Christian-run organization, with a mission to give the disabled the dignity to lead self-sufficient lives in the sight of God.)

So anyway, I called up Eden Handicap’s Recycling Centre to inquire if they needed a television donated.  Well it was a good thing I did, because the lady on the phone told me that the televisions in one of the hostels just broke down the night before, and so my call came just in time!

Our other concern was transporting the super heavy CRT television from our house.  Our car certainly does not have the space to fit a television in it for transporting but thankfully Eden Recycling Centre provided that service too!  So later that day, two guys from Eden came over right to our doorstep and carted away our old television.   Easy peasy! 😀

I’m so pleased our television has been donated to a charitable cause, and that it is finding good use in a new home.  And now, our living room even looks a little more “breathable” with our new television, since it doesn’t take up as much space as the CRT.

…Plus…. can I just say that HD channels rock? 🙂

And HD FOOD channels (especially Food Network) rock big time!


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One Response to Out With The Old, In With The New

  1. littlelamb says:

    welcome back. hmm why not dont unpack and bring the boxes to the new house?? Tell ya, i hv still 1 room of unpack stuff (its been 3 yrs)

    The Giddy Tigress says: That’s part of our plan actually. But we still do not know when we will be moving, so we’ll probably be staying amidst boxes for a few months, at least!

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