A Cozy Home Palette to Love

It has been some time since I last blogged about the progress of our new home.  We have taken some time to check for slight damages to be rectified, and then we have also been getting renovation quotations from several contractors.  Actual renovation works finally commenced sometime in September, and if everything goes as planned, our home will be move-in ready in 2-3 months. We recently finalized our choice on the grille door after sleeping over a few designs.  Finally, we have a design that both hubby and I agree on…and that’s no mean feat! Even trickier was the task of choosing the paint colors for our home.  Not easy considering hubby prefers more subdued colors and I, on the other hand, lean towards bolder hues.  If the reality TV show The Apartment had casted us as contestants, let me just say that there would have been some pretty interesting airtime from both of us… 🙂 Of course we eventually managed to compromise on color selections…marriage is all about compromise, yes?

We chose a more or less neutral gray tone for the overall living space, with some walls having darker hues for interest and contrast.

I had to abandon my idea of having an orange-accented wall in the kitchen in favor of a neutral gray tone.  This is because the open concept design of our home creates a fluidity from the living room right into the kitchen.  If the wall color of the kitchen is different, the space will seem smaller and less fluid.  Since the living room would be decked in gray, it only makes sense to continue this color throughout the kitchen.

So we then decided that the children’s playroom would get a splash of orange instead.  It’s the closest room to the kitchen, which makes perfect sense since I could watch over the kids while the spent their time in the playroom.

The girls would each get a room either in pink or purple tones: girly colors I absolutely adore!  As for my boy, we chose a very interesting blue shade on two walls of his room.  I’d wanted some horizontal stripes on one wall; the idea looked really interesting and would be great in a boy’s room, but I suppose that would have to wait…

Hubby chose a yellow shade for our home office.  According to him, yellow promotes creativity and is a good “thinking” color.  Not complaining about this one, ‘cos we agreed on a combination of yellow and grey hues for this room too, which I absolutely love.

We had a long discussion on the colors for the master bedroom though.  Initially I wanted a teal-colored feature wall, but it was too “green” for hubby’s liking.  Grey was too gray for me…so we’ve finalized on a color that is a cross between teal and gray.  Hey, it’s actually chosen from the neutral palette, so I’m sure it would look fantastic.

Paint Colors in Our Home

Living Room: Nippon Gray Dew
Kitchen: Nippon Gray Dew 

Staircase Landing: Nippon Braintree Road, Nippon Gray Dew
Playroom: Nippon Marsh Marigold, Nippon Violet Whisper
Boy’s Room: Nippon Blue Harmony, Nippon Violet Whisper
Girl’s Room #1: Dulux ICI Lilac Bouquet, Dulux ICI Lavender Lullaby
Girl’s Room #2:  Dulux ICI Pink Tiger, Dulux ICI Bashful
Home Office: Nippon Sunnyside Lane, Nippon Violet Whisper
Master Bedroom: Dulux ICI Gravel Pit, Dulux ICI Tulle White 

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  1. Love those shades! Can’t wait to see end results!!

  2. littlelamb says:

    show some pics of your new home..

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