Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s done.

Yesterday evening, we accepted an offer from someone who wanted to buy our home.  Actually he made the offer a day earlier, but we told him we needed to think about it first.  It had all happened too fast…almost like a whirlwind.

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I received a call a couple of days earlier that someone had wanted to come for a viewing, so we made the appointment.  I figured it would be just like the rest of the viewings I had hosted, i.e. potential buyer comes by, takes a look, I state my listed price and he’d say he would think about it.  Well, that’s how it was with the several few viewings I have had.

But this time, the potential buyer counter-offered and hubby suggested a price compromise.  A few counter-offers later, in less than half an hour, and the potential buyer was almost ready to write us a check!

Well, we took a good whole day to sleep over it and considered the pros and cons.  It wasn’t because we did not want to sell our home.  Of course we did!  It was just that there was a really strong emotional attachment that came with this home; it was our first home bought together, and one that we’ve stayed in ever since we got married.  We had so many memories here; so many that it was uncountable.  We started our family here – our first baby was born here.  And on top of that, all our decor were handpicked to the extent that there is a close bond to each item in this home…well, to me, at least.  We would definitely want to look for a buyer that would be able to give this home all the love we have given it thus far.

So anyway, we decided that selling our home would be in our best interest now, and we signed on the dotted line yesterday.  If everything goes well, the deal will be sealed within 14 days, assuming the buyer is able to secure a housing loan.

It’s a bittersweet feeling: on one hand we are ecstatic to have closed the deal, but on the other, we are gutted that we will be leaving a dear old friend behind.  We will never forget the memories, dear friend…but on the bright side, I am looking forward to making more happy memories in our new place soon.

After all, happiness is definitely homemade, don’t you agree?

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  1. Bart Cheah says:

    Selling off a car is (emotionally) difficult enough… what more a place you call home. All the best.

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