New Home Updates: Ups and Downs

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and a frenzy of frustration (at times).  The renovation works in our new home started a while back but what we thought would be smooth-sailing, was tainted with hiccups and obstacles.

For one, there have been instances where we have been less than satisfied over the progress and the works that have transpired.  This has resulted in us having to micro-manage and oversee the overall renovation works despite staying a good 45 minutes away.  Not an easy feat if I have kids tagging along, I would say.  Stressful would be putting it in the mildest manner possible.

So, please bear with me these few weeks as I attempt to polish my juggling skills as I shoulder all these tasks all at once.  We’re praying that our home will be completed as planned so there will be no delays from our original schedule.

Nevertheless, every step of the renovation progress leaves us on a high, and most of the fixtures and renovation decisions were a result of both our combined inputs and suggestions.  Just watching it unfurl before our eyes is rewarding enough.

Here are some sneak peeks…

It took us quite some time, and several visits to stores comparing prices, and surfing the net, to finally decide on the type of fans we wanted.  We took into consideration the color, the price and of course, the design and shape of the fan; eventually we zeroed in on one with unique leaf-shaped blades.  It was trying enough sourcing for these fans, but we managed to get them all in the correct configurations.  Once they were installed, we knew we had made the right selection. 🙂

Another item which we had tremendous difficulty getting was the kitchen pendant lamps.  Hubby and I could not decide on one which both of us liked, and we went from store to store (kids in tow) until we found one.  But we resisted the impulse buy and decided to hold back for a while.  However, we ended up getting that same one, and we got it close to closing time that night.  It does look good though, now that I look at it…. (I love warm white lighting in my house) 🙂

We also ran into some hiccups selecting and procuring the downlights.  As you can see from the pictures above, we have decided on round downlights which are uncovered.  Initially we chose a mixture of square and round downlights because my hubby preferred the square ones and I, the round.  However, the square downlights we had ordered were all defective (loose casing, missing parts, rusty components, etc).  Well, long story short, we decided to have all our downlights round.  We chose uncovered downlights too, to prevent “dead mosquito buildup”, if any.

And over here, you see a sneak preview of the playroom on the 1st floor.  This one has the same leaf-bladed fan but in three blades.

I’m loving the marigold colored walls of this room and I can’t wait to embark on my personal project to decorate this room and set it up for the kids! 🙂

Hope to share more home pictures soon! 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go plan my next micromanaging session onsite….

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One Response to New Home Updates: Ups and Downs

  1. If I were to write my account of micro managing the renovation in 2011, I would have sounded too much like you! Drama galore, enough to make a season of reality tv.

    However, all that will be so worthy once you get handover, defect free, everything to your liking… And when the dust settles, you will say hallelujah!!

    All the best and may your house bloom into home soon! Xoxo

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