Shoutout From Our New Crib

Yoohoo…it’s been a while since I said hello here…but I have a perfectly good reason.  We’ve been really tied up with our move, and getting the house ready.

Plus…when we had moved all our large stuff over, we did not have any broadband!  I very nearly exhausted my 3G quota that time!  Just recently set up our Maxis Broadband a couple of days ago.  Sorry TM…you couldn’t even give us even 1MB in speed, and that just ain’t gonna cut it.

Well anyway, here’s a “long story short” account of what happened in the past 2 weeks or so leading up to our move.

During the weekend prior to our move, we exhausted ourselves overseeing the final few renovation “hurdles” as we got ready to move in (finally). There were still quite a number of issues that need to be addressed such as air conditioning issues, plumbing, flooring, wiring… Gee, sure seems like a lot huh? Anyway these will have to be rectified whilst we are living in the house. 

Saturday was a busy busy day. The furniture we ordered from Ikea arrived and the delivery guys were huffing and panting as they worked to move the items to the various locations. Just in case anyone was interested, delivery cost to Penang for a maximum of 1 ton lorry load is RM760 flat. Also, at the point of purchase, you have to choose and carry all the items yourself. We prepared a list hoping the Ikea customer service personnel could help us pick the items but no such thing happened. Not even when we showed our forlorn and tired faces with 3 kids in tow. In addition, we were told it would take something like 5 days to be delivered to Penang, but there is a high chance Ikea will call you to have them delivered earlier. We deferred till the agreed 5 days though, cos our home just wasn’t ready yet.  Oh, and bear in mind the RM760 does not cover installation. If you want it installed, you have to pay an additional 8% of the price of the item. (As a result, we still have quite a number of uninstalled items in our home, all packed up)

Two days after the Ikea guys came over, our team of movers arrived in our old apartment to move as many items as possible to our new place. Seems bittersweet spending our last night in our apartment.

And oh, before I go, here’s something that makes me happy… The blinds in my kitchen!!!

Aren’t the pretty? I didn’t get the stripey wall I had wanted, so I requested for my kitchen blinds to look this way… 🙂 Score!!

We’ve lived here in our new crib for a little over 2 weeks now, but we still make almost daily trips back to the old apartment to cart our items bit by bit.  It’s a tedious job, but someone has gotta do it.  So nope, we have not completely settled in, but we’re getting there…

A small selection of our fridge magnets gracing our fridge now, making it feel more and more like home:

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  1. littlelamb says:

    Congrats on your new place. Show more pics 😀

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