Tesco Online: Shopping Just Got That Much Simpler

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for online shopping.  I’ve purchased virtually everything online before: from clothes and lingerie, to electrical items, to kitchen appliances; toys and fabric, and of course books.

Therefore, I was very happy when I heard about Tesco Online.  Grocery shopping online?  Definitely a win:win for me!

Conventional grocery shopping for me would mean pushing a shopping cart while wearing my year-old baby; and then with two other kids in tow fighting for rights to push the cart.  All these plus the need to check and recheck my grocery list to make sure I have everything I need AND ensure that I get the best of all deals.  Oh, and let’s not forget the drive to the store, battling the jam and the weather, plus ensuring all kids are safely loaded into the car.

However, if I were to shop online for groceries, my kids can play all they want at home, and I can take my time to shop for my stuff online.  I can shop at any time of the day, even in the wee hours of the night/morning, however way you want to look at it.  I can compare prices and find out what the promotional items are, AND I can add and remove items from my “shopping cart” as and when I need to.  For example, with conventional shopping, if I had taken 2 cartons of milk and a few minutes later, several aisles further down I realise that I need another carton of milk; I’d need to go back to the milk aisle to get it.  But with online shopping, all I need to do is click on the + button to add 1 more carton to my cart.

If you’re worried about the cost of shipping associated with Tesco online, it’s virtually zero.  Let me paint you a scenario.  I am charged a minimal fee of RM10 per order when I shop online at Tesco.  This is a small fee to pay considering I don’t have to drive to Tesco (in the hot sun or wet rain), park the car and load and unload groceries.  All this is done for me when Tesco delivers to my doorstep, and psst…I’ve even scored e-coupons sometimes where there’s free delivery to be had!  Bliss!

Payments for my online shopping escapades at Tesco are all done at my doorstep, C.O.D.- style, so to say….except I don’t pay by cash, but with credit card.  Once the items have been delivered, I do a quick check-through and if everything is accurate and satisfactory, my credit card is swiped on the spot.  So there’s no risk of credit card fraud.

To ensure someone is around when the delivery truck comes around, I book a delivery slot of 2 hours, for example 10:00a.m. – 12:00noon.  Thus far, the truck has kept to their slots and on some occasions, if they wanted to come earlier than the slot I had chosen, the driver would call first.  Little thoughtful things like these definitely get additional brownie points in my book.

I’ve ordered everything from fresh fruit to butter and cheese, cookies, milk, ice cream and even stationery, and everything has arrived in great condition.  They have a chiller and freezer on the delivery truck so items requiring them will stay in tip-top shape.

Of course there are some downsides in Tesco online shopping too; some items like a few of the organic stuff are not available online, so my order is basically limited to those items listed online only.  Also, certain items ordered might not be available at the time your order is picked, so the Tesco staff will usually substitute it with another item which they feel is similar.  You may reject these substitutes if you prefer, and they will be taken off your order total.

All in all, I’ve had pleasant experiences with Tesco online shopping, and I would shop again and again via this channel, for the convenience as well as for the value it gives.  If you’ve not tried it, why not start now?  It will save you that trip to the grocery store and it will give new meaning to “the groceries coming to you”.

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What I love about Tesco Online Shopping:

  • Shopping at my fingertips in the comfort of my home, 24/7.
  • Coupons and vouchers offered periodically, sometimes with free shipping and sometimes those that even take RM10-20 off your order total!
  • Payment by credit card at your doorstep resulting in zero incidents of fraud.
  • Did I say everything gets delivered to the doorstep without the need to drive out?
  • I can add/remove/modify my submitted shopping cart up to 11:00p.m. the day before the delivery is scheduled to arrive.  (Yes, sometimes I will suddenly remember that I need to get that packet of tamarind at 9:30p.m. at night)

What could be improved about Tesco Online Shopping:

  • More variety of items could be offered, for instance more organic items made available.
  • Sometimes vegetables and fruits selected might not meet our own “standards”, but it’s a small price to pay for convenience.


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Some Tips to Note:

  • To save more while doing your Tesco online shopping, wait for promotional coupons like Free Delivery, or e-cash vouchers.  That’s stretching your savings, yo!
  • To make the ordering process speedier, you can access your Favorites tab which lists all the items you had previously ordered.  You can then simply select to order them again, while checking out if there are any promotions for those items.
  • Create a shopping list by adding items to a list you can create and name yourself.  For instance, you can create a list for this week and one for next week and simply add the items in those lists accordingly.  When the time comes to order them, just access the relevant shopping list and order away!
  • Items are periodically on promotional offers and discounts.  Choose wisely and make sure your order is submitted for delivery before the deadline of the promotion period.


Oh by the way, I am in no way compensated for my opinions in this post, though it would be awesome if I was! 🙂

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