Ten Things a Stay-at-Home-Mom Needs

Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom is not easy.  We cook, we clean, we shop for groceries, we are on our toes the whole day long caring for kids…and sometimes we have to do these while trying our best to keep our eyes open!  Yes, we do it nonetheless…but here is a list of ten things which I think every stay-at-home mom needs.  Tell me how many you can relate to. 🙂

1. Safe Play

Kids will be kids and they definitely need toys to keep them occupied.  Good quality toys are essential for safety and peace of mind.  If you are getting a plastic toy, try to make sure they are made of BPA-free material, otherwise opt for wooden ones.

I have a soft spot for wooden toys as opposed to plastic ones, and especially for babies, I find that wooden toys pose less of a hazard (unless your baby likes throwing things though).  That being said, if given a choice, I would always choose a wooden toy over a plastic toy.  Wooden toys last longer, there’s no risk of plastic degradation, plus I think wooden toys look way classier.

A little bird must have told the folks at Applecrumby & Fish that my little one needed another beautiful wooden toy to add to her small collection.  As it is, she has been playing with hand-me-downs from her siblings, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise when we received this wonderful gorgeous Sevi Whale Maze.


It’s designed in Italy and is handcrafted using non-toxic and saliva-resistant paint.  As such it is safe for little ones to “experiment” with their itchy gums and teeth.

Can you make out that adorable whale in the toy?  And the little “wooden fish” that are “swimming” around the whale? 🙂


It’s quite light too, and my little baby can actually lift it up on her own.  Thankfully, she plays well with it and doesn’t throw it around.  In addition, it buys me some time when I need to do a quick “something” in the kitchen.


2. Get Connected

Stay-at-Home-Moms absolutely need high-speed internet access at home.  With the limited time we have on our hands and the need to do almost everything, we use the internet for online (grocery) shopping, scouring for recipes and also…errr….checking out whose kid is doing what on Facebook.  Not so much the last one, but you know what I mean ….

3. Green Therapyplants1

When I was little, I remember reading somewhere that the color green helps to calm a person down.  Not only that, if my eyes feel tired or red, I just had to go stare and look at some greeneries: plants, leaves, trees…and I would feel much better.


Hence I feel that it is essential for stay-at-home-moms to have some plants or greenery around them.  The bare minimum would probably be a pot of herbs in the kitchen, or some indoor plants.  I don’t have really green fingers but this year, I’m venturing into some gardening myself.  As of now, I’m waiting for my carrots, cucumbers, okra and bell peppers (amongst others) to be ready for harvesting, but at the same time, I’m enjoying some pretty flowers too.

Say a little prayer for my plants, will ya? 🙂


4. Playpen

A simple playpen will help loads if you have a mobile baby like mine.  For that 5-10 minutes that you need to do something in the kitchen, baby can be safely playing in the playpen while you can go about your chores.

5. Buddy Up

Being a stay-at-home-mom means not getting a lot of social interaction.  So make the effort to find at least ONE good friend that you can talk to, send text messages and pictures to, preferably a stay-at-home-mom too, just like yourself.  Trust me, it feels so much better knowing that someone else is going through similar trials like yourself.

6. Nibble Nibble

Have some snacks in the pantry ready for those “I can’t take it anymore but one bite/one bowl/one cup of this will make me feel better” times.  Firm favorites are like ice cream, chips, chocolates, but of course try to opt for healthier alternatives like granola bars and yogurt.

7. Dressing Down and Up

It is essential to have at least one outfit that takes you from home to school runs, and grocery shopping.  With the limited amount of time we have, stay-at-home-moms need this outfit to be comfortable enough for home use, as well as presentable enough to be worn out.

8. Cover Up

We need a good and reliable concealer for days when we look like “what the cat dragged in”.

9. A Hug

Sometimes no words are necessary, and just a HUG will do.  Or maybe three.

10. A Sense of Humor

For days when everything chooses to go wrong, we just need to take a step back and laugh at the situation.  Takes a lot of practice guys, but this one’s a keeper.

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