Malaysia Bugslock: Naturally Drives Mozzies (and Bugs) Away!


Most of you would know that I make my own insect repellent.  This actually works great and I use it every day, spraying it on my kids’ clothes and skin.  However, I have been wondering if mosquitoes do develop a form of immunity to insect repellents that are frequently used.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s good to jazz it up a little once in a while…make ’em mozzies confuse and daze them up.


So lately, I have been experimenting with Bugslock, an all-natural mosquito repellent band which is DEET-free and non-toxic, both of which were important factors for consideration by me.  Bugslock is a product which is imported from Korea and in Malaysia, it is distributed by X Cube Enterprise.


My kids wear these bands on their wrists when they go for soccer practice and so far (they have been using it once a week for at least a month now), I am pleased to say that there has not been a single mosquito bite.  This is no mean feat because I always attract plenty of mosquitoes when I go to the soccer pitch with them. Blame it on my sweet blood… 😛

The Bugslock mosquito repellent band is a small band made of soft ultra micro-fiber and contains natural essential oils to ward off mosquitoes.  The good folks at Bugslock Malaysia sent me three bands to test out and I was happy to note that in the interest of hygiene, they were each individually packed and sealed.

The smell of the essential oils was rather strong, however, because as I took out the band, I could detect the strong citronella and/or lemongrass oil smells.  I guess this meant it would work well, but if someone were easily turned off by the strong smell, they would not enjoy wearing it.  The smell did not bother me though, and it was a good thing it did not bother my kids either.


The Bugslock micro-fiber band had holes on it and a plastic fastener that we could use to fasten the band according to the size of the wearer’s wrist or ankle.  While my kids wear theirs on the wrists, I wear mine on my ankle because I was afraid my baby would grab my band.

Overall, I am quite happy with its performance.  It does the job really well, and it doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to itch, which is a good thing.  However, because my kids wear it while playing soccer, the Bugslock band does get wet with sweat and perspiration.  The lifespan of the band is 240 hours.  I’m assuming it is 240 hours of being exposed to air, but since the Bugslock band gets wet after each wearing, I don’t seal it back in the pouch immediately after use but instead, I air dry them first.


I find this would “waste” part of the 240 hours of its life.  If the Bugslock were made from a wipeable plastic, then we could easily wipe the moisture off and store and seal it immediately, thus preserving its lifespan further.  Food for thought? 🙂

Nevertheless, for a remarkably reasonable price of RM13 per piece, this is a fantastic product that does what it is supposed to do!  Bear in mind though, that there are plenty of imitation products out there in the market that are ineffective and worse, contain chemicals that could prove toxic to health.  Ensuring your purchase is made through the authentic right channel, Bugslock Malaysia, will certainly give you peace of mind and reassurance for an original, genuine and safe product.


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Bugslock Natural Mosquito Repellent


  • Small and compact, does its job to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Comes in a variety of colors, some may use it as a fashion statement.
  • Adjustable, so it fits almost any wrist/ankle.
  • Individually wrapped and sealed.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Tends to get wet with perspiration when used while playing sports.  Needs to be dried before storage, hence shaving off “lifespan”.
  • Rather strong smell of essential oils which could put some people off.


(Note: I was provided with three Bugslock mosquito repellent bands for the purpose of this review)

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