Board Games Certainly Don’t Make Me Bored!


Today, I’m going to tell you why I love board games.  Yes, you read right…I love board games.

What’s not to love?  It’s interesting, stimulating, sometimes mind boggling and some even create an opportunity for exercising those weary limbs.  Think Twister, and you’ll know what I mean.

Over the years, I have had my fair share of board games.  I guess it started with those sets that were named Compendium of 20 Games or 30 Games.  Back then, we had Ludo, Checkers, Solitaire, Snakes & Ladders (there’s a game called Chutes and Ladders now instead of this, because snakes are evil!!), Backgammon, Chinese Checkers…wow, it was hours and hours of entertainment, and need I say…without the existence of any electronic tablet!

With time the conventional board game had evolved many times over.  Some had makeovers and were upgraded to magnetic type of games for ease of use, and there were many other games that were invented.  One of my childhood favorites is Cluedo, which I am pleased to note, still exists to this day.

We have collected many a board game to suit every level of play.  From Candyland to Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble, every one has a story to tell.  We even have Lego versions of some board games like our Lego Chess set, which my son absolutely loves.

So why do I love board games?

1. Communication

Board games encourage communication and interaction with real people.  We are not held down by electronic devices when we play board games and we are not restricted by “no battery” problems.  Kids who play board games often learn essential skills like taking turns, and losing gracefully, to name a few.

2. Homeschooling Tool

For those who homeschool, educational board games can be used as a tool for learning.  Well actually, if we think about it, all board games have some form of learning lesson to be taught.


My kids were thrilled when we received a pleasant surprise from the good folks at Applecrumby & Fish a couple of weeks back.  Their mom was also happy to note that it was an excellent educational game from Learning Resources called Cooking Up Sentences.  Thank you so much!!


This is a great example of an intriguing and interesting game where kids can play AND learn at the same time.  The goal of the game is to teach kids correct sentence formation as well as the different parts of speech, like the noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective and conjunction, among others.  They do this by moving their game pieces on the board and collecting the relevant parts of speech cards for a particular “recipe”.


The fun part is when funny and strange sentences are formed, but it’s all part of the game.  Of course, the whole family can play together too, and that’s where my next point comes in.

3. Builds Camaraderie

Whether playing a board game with family or friends, we cannot deny that it brings people closer together.  There’s something about competing and trying to win that brings out the best in people, I’d like to think.

Plus, we’ve all heard the saying that a family that plays together, stays together.  That can’t be far from the truth.

4. Bang for the Buck

Board games never go out of style.  If maintained properly, and kept in order, they can be played over and over again, without the risk of going out-of-date.  They don’t need upgrades and expensive overhauls, which is why getting a board game is a great investment…and it doesn’t even cost that much to begin with!  All we need with a board game is a proper storage space (which I think we desperately need).

5. Great Gift

Board Games make great gifts.  They are timeless, for one, because if you really take care of them, they last ages.  Also, because most, if not all, board games are packed neatly in boxes, it makes it super easy to wrap as a gift.

Perfect as a Christmas, birthday or anytime-at-all gift!


Do you have a favorite board game?  Do you still play board games or do you prefer to just exercise your fingers?

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