Unexpected Blessings


Have you ever encountered situations where you are blessed with something good, or even better, something unexpectedly good…without even asking for it?  Sometimes it’s just so reassuring to be unexpectedly blessed, even little itty bitty things…

  • Like when it suddenly rains on days when you find you are too swamped and you have no time to water your plants and keep your garden nourished.
  • Like when the baby falls asleep so peacefully that you get an entire hour to cook, clean, do web editing, content management for my sites, writing assignments…and the list goes on.  Sometimes I even get some me-time to do my shopping undisturbed!
  • Like when you win a contest with a prize of a whole set of premium quality skincare and makeup products when you realise you had just exhausted your own supply.
  • Like when you haven’t cooked anything for dinner, and suddenly someone shows up at the door with freshly cooked laksa, all ready for a hearty meal.  Yumm!!!
  • Like when you receive a beautiful Stephen Joseph bottle buddy (otherwise known as a water tumbler holder with strap), thanks to the little angels at Applecrumby & Fish at the right time.
    My daughter had been requesting for a water tumbler with a strap because she finds it easier to have her hands free during her school field trips.  I had been attaching a makeshift strap to her existing tumbler thus far, but the Stephen Joseph bottle buddy definitely works a whole lot better!  Plus…it’s cute to boot!

Have you been unexpectedly blessed lately?

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