Looking Through with Kids’ Eyes

Applecrumby & Fish sent my kids an early Christmas present last week (Thank you!!).  As soon as the parcel was opened, the kids were super delighted to find out it was a set of Educational Insights Geosafari JR. Kidnoculars, or better known as the only binoculars specifically designed for kids.


See how cool it looks?

Even the packaging is designed for kids, I reckon, because I didn’t even need to help them take it out!  What’s awesome about these Kidnoculars is that it suits all three of my kids, and they are aged from 1 year old to 8 years old!  I especially like the enlarged focus-free eyepieces, which enables even toddlers to safely use them, without the risk of injury.


My kids very soon found other uses for these Kidnoculars though, all in the name of creativity:

  1. Enlarging words, pictures, whatever they could see.
  2. Enlarging people (and the fact that people look really funny with big heads)
  3. When viewing the TV with the Kidnoculars, the picture appears to be in 3D!
  4. Look through the other side of the Kidnoculars and you will see everything really small!
  5. It’s a very colorful toy and will brighten up the playroom!

Pssst!  Applecrumby & Fish is running a holiday sale now, with all items at 20% off (coupon code: HOLS20) including free pickup and a surprise gift.

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