A Bundle of Joy and Cleanliness – Smells Amazing Too!!


My bundle of joy has arrived!  But no, it’s not what you’re thinking… haha…. I am referring to my Baby Love Bundle from Human Nature.  It has been an arduous task looking for suitable products to use on my baby’s ultra sensitive skin.  You already know that she’s on the amazing Izumio hydrogenated water and Super Lutein carotenoid capsules supplements, which are doing an awesome job in healing her skin from inside out, but I was still hunting for a good bath wash, and natural moisturiser.

Folks, eczema skin does not require frequent washing and does not require washing with a lot of soap.  Even more so for babies, just regular H2O will do most of the time, but I still wanted something good yet gentle enough to wash her hair of sweat and dirt, and of course her hands and feet too.

I found it in the Human Nature Natural Baby Wash!  To tell you the truth, I was only looking for the wash at first, but figured it would be more economical to get the bundle set, so with the bundle, I received the lotion and wonder oil too!

The Human Nature Natural Baby Wash is slightly watery and does not produce a lot of lather, mostly because it has absolutely 100% no harmful chemicals.  It’s so reassuring to use something so natural for my baby, yet cleanses effectively and gently.  Of course, it’s also a bonus that this smells so amazing!!  With the aroma of soothing lavender and gentle chamomile, this a surely a treat for your senses!  I usually just wash baby’s hair and hands in the shower.  As I mentioned before, she has eczema-prone skin, so I just use water for the rest of her body.  I’ll use this wash lightly on her body maybe 1-2 times a week and that’s it.  So a big bottle of this wash actually goes a long way for me.


Since I also received the Human Nature Natural Baby Lotion and Natural Baby Wonder Oil in my bundle, I used them both interchangeably to keep her skin moist and supple.  Once when she had an itch on her scalp, I massaged some Wonder Oil on it, and the itch stopped.  And oh, the lotion and wonder oil both have the same amazing scent that the baby wash has.  Love it!  (Even my friends have commented that my baby smells amazing!)

I would definitely recommend these three products for anyone needing some gentle cleansing products for sensitive skin, or even for someone who needs pampering and indulgence.  It’s a fabulous baby shower gift too, and I’m sure it will be very well-received indeed!

You can get these all at the Human Nature online store (Psst!  Free delivery for all orders of 3 items and more).  Each of these products are sold individually too, but if I were you, I’d get more bang for my buck and get the bundle set.  I started using the mini bundle set, but when that ran out, I chose the Baby Love Bundle XL (RM109.90 for all three products!).

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