A Humble Harvest

As my little edible garden continues to grow and grow, I am so pleased that in addition to the spring onions I harvest on a regular basis, I now have other edibles I can use in my kitchen too.  Here’s what I brought in yesterday:

harvest1On the left, I have my Genovese basil, which, to my delight, has been growing extremely well since I fertilised it with organic sheep poo, and also because it has been raining quite regularly nowadays.


The red spiky fruits are roselle calyxes from my organic roselle plants.  I’m storing them so that when I have enough I will be able to make my own roselle juice.  These roselle plants are super easy to grow as they require full-on sunshine.

I had only one lone okra for yesterday, which I will add to my collection in the refrigerator.  I have about 4-5 okra plants now, and I have also been able to share the fruits of my labor with friends too.  The okra is actually very sweet-tasting…even little Emma likes to eat them!

I used half of my Genovese basil to make spaghetti aglio olio last night, and the other half I was thinking of perhaps cooking a pot of basil chicken in a couple of days’ time.  It’s so much fun cooking with my homegrown food, and you know what…my kids have even said that my homegrown spring onions taste far better than other spring onions they have tasted!

I’m looking forward to harvesting my soon-to-be-ready turnips!  Woohoo!!

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