Our Easy and Healthy Dinner Last Night

As a mother who takes care of three kids, runs errands on a daily basis, manages the household chores (dishes, laundry), does gardening, runs her own online business and of course oversees meal plans for the week, it goes without saying that I often rely on fuss-free meals for the family.  I try my best not to do fast food though.

My guidelines are that is has to be SIMPLE, NUTRITIOUS and LOVED.

Yesterday, I had planned on making a carrot and corn soup for the kids, but the grocery store I visited did not have corn available.  So I had to change my meal plans on the spot and ended up getting some vegetables for a simple-to-make dinner.


Here’s the soup I made.  It’s a chicken vegetable soup.  So easy to make…and great if you have kids to help you out in the kitchen too!  Here I used chicken breast fillet, chopped celery, sliced brown onions, carrots and tomato.  I added a bay leaf and some seasoning and served it with boiled penne pasta and some homegrown basil leaves.

The kids loved it and even my 2-year old toddler kept asking for more!  She ate everything, including the celery and the onions.

I also whipped up a healthy and yummy side salad using sliced cabbage, sliced brown onions, chopped green apples, celery, cherry tomatoes and dried cranberries.  I dressed it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and maple syrup.


What did you have for dinner?  Do you have a simple dinner dish for the family that you can share with me?

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