Shame on Me…

For neglecting my blogs for so long! I do have good reasons for doing so, but they would seem more like excuses now that I think of it.

Has it been more than half a year that I have NOT blogged? Well I have been on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so those of you who are following me on those platforms would have gotten updates on my life and goings-on.

To be fair, the first three months of the year are super busy ones for me, what with all my kids celebrating their birthdays then. I will get to more detail on the birthdays in the upcoming posts in my kids’ blog… Now that my kids read my blog, they would periodically ask if I have updated the blog with this event or that happening.

Shame on me for letting the end of year holidays pass without so much as a whisper on the blog front.

I am sorry.

The new year came and I was totally engulfed in family matters and business affairs too. I have made a conscious decision to spread the love in health awareness and I’m steering my ship in a new exciting direction this year, and that, honestly, had taken up much of my time too. Adjusting sails and gathering resources is no mean feat. Heh.

Unfortunately, I recently allowed myself to be stressed out again and fell really ill. Had a bad dyshidrotic eczema infection on my hands and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic course. However it turns out I was severely allergic to that antibiotic and my whole neck and both arms up to the armpits broke out in horrible itchy red rashes. So bad they were, I was unable to move my arms or turn my head without screaming in pain.

I am allowing myself some time to heal now, to take a few steps back and try to relax as best as I can. Healing is still taking place, and it will take some time, definitely.

soblessedPhoto Credit: Peter Kasprzyk

Filling my life with happy thoughts and positive vibes so that the healing process is a wholesome one: healing the body and the mind.

First things first….. I need to get back into the blogging groove. I recently made an acquaintance with a blog reader whom I found out has been following me since my first child was born! I was so engulfed in guilt because I had not been updating my blog and here she was saying that I really helped her with all that I wrote… about breastfeeding, about bringing up kids and about parenting. Once again, I am so touched that in my own way, I had touched lives without realizing it and this further affirms my life saving mission now to spread knowledge, love and healing to everyone everywhere as best as I can.

Thank you everyone who has stood by me thus far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m still here… not as regularly blogging as I once did, but rest assured still around.

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