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Bring on the rain!

Rayban Malaysia: Looking Good Three Ways

I kid you not.  The first word that comes to mind when I think of “looking good” and “sunglasses” is Rayban.  It’s a longstanding brand with a lot of history and loyalty, but despite that, having a pair of Raybans is … Continue reading

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Learning Made Fun and Simple with Time4Learning

We started using Time4Learning about a month ago, and I really had no concrete expectations on how it would turn out to be or what it would offer.  As it is, we are still in the process of evaluating homeschooling … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Learning with Time4Learning

Since returning from the States, we’ve been in kind of a limbo as to what to do every day.  The first few days were spent unpacking and cleaning stuff.  Of course, reorganizing and constant decluttering is the norm, and the … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Dry Ice Blasting

They say we learn new things every day and I could not agree more with that. Why, just today, I learned about a very cool method of hi-tech cleaning, or more technically known as a form of abrasive blasting called … Continue reading

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New Skincare Experiments

I have been fighting a hard battle with my skin of late. Blame it on the hormonal ups and downs, or what you may, but to me, problem skin is still problematic. It is also tougher for me because of … Continue reading

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