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I got tagged (Tag: Who is the the first blogger you’ve met?)

My 6th sense told me I was gonna be tagged soon, and I was right… one of my breastfeeding moomie buddies, author of the blog Just My Thoughts, tagged me.  What a way to start the oink-oink piggy year! 🙂 Here … Continue reading

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We have gone dot com!

After months of deliberation, we finally decided to get our own space in cyberworld.  Yay!! 🙂  Presenting our very own I got the hosting package from Exabytes (EBiz Linux Hosting), recommended by my BIL, so far the service has been … Continue reading

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Lasting Friendships

Breastfeeding has many perks. The usual advantages which are proclaimed to the world, to name a few, are: * breastfed babies will have higher immunities against illnesses * mommies who breastfeed will regain their svelte figure in no time * … Continue reading

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Chee Cheong Fun

For years, hubbs and I have steered clear from eating chee cheong fun. The chee cheong fun that I am referring to is the Penang chee cheong fun, the kind that is served with “hair-ko” (prawn paste in Hokkien) and … Continue reading

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Lucky Me

Last Tuesday evening, I received a phone call from someone in Sunshine Square, saying that I have been picked as one of the winners for their lucky draw contest, held in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. Thing is… … Continue reading

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