Diary of a Meal-Planner-Wannabe (Week of Jan 4 – 8)

I know, I know…I’ve read all about meal-planning and the wonders of how it helps to set the pace for the week, how it helps mothers stay organised and all.  However, I have never managed to get it to work for me.  A good friend of mine was seeking for meal plans and grocery lists just last week and yet another one proclaimed that she already had her meal plan sorted out for January!

Where does that leave me?

Well, I decided to try out a simple meal plan for the first week of school for the year.  It was going to be just a trial run and I wanted to see how well I could keep to it.  I was going to allow myself to be flexible but yet try to get meals prepared in an organised manner, and hopefully by putting it down for the whole word to see, it would spur me on to stick to the plan.

And oh yeah…I managed to get some fruits for the whole week too, one of them were these succulent and juicy champagne grapes….they were teeny tiny but so good!!  And seedless!!!



Lunch: Mcdonald’s takeout. Yeah I know…kill me already.  But seriously, it was because the kids had their swimming coaching session  in the morning and it was the most convenient lunch on our way home.

Dinner: Orange chicken (recipe), Dragon beard vegetables stir-fried with roast pork served with steamed rice. Yay me! 🙂


Lunch: Chicken and pumpkin porridge; leftovers orange chicken from dinner last night.

Dinner: Soy sauce pork belly a.k.a. my kids’ favorite, apple and pork ribs soup, leftover orange chicken with steamed rice


Lunch: Chicken and pumpkin porridge leftovers; leftover soy sauce pork belly

Dinner: ABC soup (tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes), leftover soy sauce pork belly.  I have been cooking double the amount of soy sauce pork belly for the past 2 weeks, because it really does taste better on the second day.  Plus it saves me the time and effort to cook one dish on the second day.  Score!!


Lunch: Chicken and pumpkin porridge; chicken pie (bought from store cos chicken porridge tak laku :P)

Dinner: Chicken cacciatore reinvented, served with spaghetti.



Lunch: Leftovers from chicken cacciatore with spaghetti.

Dinner: Almost starved to death while waiting for my man to come home.  Will probably cook dinner on Friday next week.  For the record, we had Tex-Mex food that day.

And there you have it.  Not too bad for a meal-planner-wannabe, wouldn’t you say so?

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