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Surprise Me!

I love surprises.  Being surprised, getting surprises, the works.  So knowing that I could very well find out who had won American Idol before actually watching it on air (it being the information age and all) , I resisted the urge … Continue reading

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Purify the Air

Since my hubby and I are allergic to dust, we don’t use a broom to sweep at home.  Instead we opt for a vacuum cleaner.  But the thing is, the vacuum cleaner which we are using now is really really … Continue reading

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Ready and Set to Go

So you know about that bug in the Krisflyer site that was preventing me from redeeming my miles for a vacation in Singapore?  I doubt if they’ve got it fixed yet, but after several complaints I made via email, a … Continue reading

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Eliminate the Middle-Man

This just in: PayPerPost has announced the launch of PPP Direct!  This is really something us posties should get excited about, because now not only will we get paid to blog, we would also open the door of opportunity for … Continue reading

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The Vital Ingredient

What keeps a little girl playing the piano, day after day, night after night, practising it and perfecting each and every note, till there are no mistakes? Do you think it is not frustrating to play right till the end … Continue reading

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