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Oh me, Oh my, Oh Umai-ya

I always equate the Klang Valley with great Japanese food. Somehow Penang just doesn’t have as many good Japanese restaurants. I remember when I stayed in The Eastin during one of my business trips sometime back, I savored the excellent … Continue reading

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Time to start saving

Okay, I admit it. I suck at saving money. I don’t know why, but with never ending expenses, like grocery shopping, mortgages, insurance, housing and car loans and of course some entertainment factored in, I really find it difficult to … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Mar-shay

Since our visit to Marché in Singapore, hubbs and I have been craving the Bundaberg Root Beer sold there. I have also been craving for the calamari, grilled chicken breast and the swiss cross buns, more so because during our … Continue reading

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Insurance…more or less

These days, we can’t survive without insurance. What was once taboo is considered an essential part of our daily life. There’s life insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance and education insurance policies to cater for all our needs. I just … Continue reading

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The Dora Lesson

~Overheard during my last visit to Toys ‘r’ Us, Queensbay Mall~ Man (to daughter): Girl, come and look at this ugly doll! Daughter: Where, Daddy? Man: There, see…this doll, ….. or-or wan… (or-or is Hokkien for black) Daughter: No la, … Continue reading

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