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Crystal Clear & Tomato Red

My hubby and I were dressed to the nines. It was the night of our wedding and we had every reason to celebrate. The grand ballroom was decorated with ivory roses and the stage was lit with fairy lights that … Continue reading

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Hawaiian wop-bop-a-luau

I think it is essential for all of us to take some time off at least once a year to go for a vacation somewhere, someplace where we can leave all our worries behind, forget all about work, and just … Continue reading

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Now it’s time to be sam-pat

Over the past week or so, I have seen so many sam-pat questionnaires being done that I was beginning to feel guilty about not doing mine. You see, I had been tagged thrice over the last week by Jacelyn, cbenc12 … Continue reading

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Here’s five for the road

Yes, I’m taking some time out here (again) to do a long-overdue tag from Rinnah, who claims she’s got a fiver in her pocket, and Ehon, who has also asked me to dig deep down for answers. Not to be … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 001

~ Wordless Wednesday ~

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