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Worming through books!!

  I personally do not think of myself as a bookworm. For one, I have a bookworm tagged to an image of someone with thick horn-rimmed glasses buried behind a stack of thick books, slouched behind an even thicker one … Continue reading

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Downs & ups of a Monday

It was one of those rare Mondays that I felt slightly more upbeat, slightly more excited. Very unusual of me, since I detest Mondays immensely. Well, I detest workdays in general, but Mondays are the worst. So why the difference … Continue reading

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It’s a hard-rockin’… cap!

Sometimes we don’t need an expensive toy to make a toddler happy. Sometimes we don’t need a full-fledged activity list to satisfy a toddler. Sometimes we don’t even need to leave the house. Sometimes, all it takes is love, patience … Continue reading

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When space is all we need

When my hubby and I first moved into our condo, everyone remarked that it was very spacious. Well, that was way before we started populating the rooms with stuff. Hubbs likes to call my stuff “clutter”, but whatever 😛 See, … Continue reading

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The inevitable call or not?

Photo credits I recently made a call to the bank affiliated with my credit card, to request for a waiver in annual fee.  I am not specifically mentioning the name of the bank here, because I have had similar experiences … Continue reading

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