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Got the pregnancy blues..

In the cafeteria after lunch just the other day, I met someone I used to work with, and her first words when she saw me were, “You put on weight huh?” Not “How are you?”, “How have you been?” or … Continue reading

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Crazy & tasty pizza mania!

Since Domino’s Pizza opened a branch near my apartment, I have not had the chance to try out their delivery services.  I had tasted their pizza before, and I know it’s good. Well, last Saturday seemed like the perfect opportunity … Continue reading

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Hoping, praying, …living

Remember my soulful lament and heartfelt letter to my dear prosperity plant?  Since then, friends and especially those with *green fingers* have offered advice on how to resurrect my poor friend. I tilled the soil, trimmed the dried branches and … Continue reading

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Entry #4 calling for votes!

A favor I ask, in this time of dire need As a friend or blog reader, I pray you’ll help me do the deed Your precious vote is really all I seek Just choose my name, it isn’t very hard … Continue reading

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