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Kickin’, movin’, squirmin’

  Once we got Ethan settled into daycare, it was time for me to go for a long overdue checkup for my “bun in the oven”.  My last checkup back in Penang was at the end of September, and I … Continue reading

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Got wheels to go a-cruisin’

  With a new environment, comes new experiences…and one of the inevitable ones is driving. Driving a left-hand drive car, rather. Everything is the total opposite of what it is in Malaysia, and I had to keep reminding myself that. … Continue reading

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In the crib where we live

So….new place, new home huh? Before we left Malaysia, we had already finalized where we were gonna be staying in San Jose.  But up till then, we had only seen the floor plan of the apartment and the most we … Continue reading

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Where the disgruntled are

One thing that most people have in common is that they are disgruntled with their jobs.  For some reason, working professionals will definitely have a complaint or two about what they do for a living, and for those who have … Continue reading

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Giddy tigress is still alive

  Woohoo! Have I got tons to catch up on! Firstly, thank you so much one and all for all your “Bon Voyage” wishes and prayers.  My sincerest apologies for the silence and for not (yet) replying to all your comments.  … Continue reading

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