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Hark the herald angels sing

A very happy and blessed belated Christmas to one and all out there!  It’s a belated Christmas wish because I had wanted to post something before I left for my Christmas vacation, but there was some booboo with my internet … Continue reading

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Baby back baby back ribs

Last Saturday morning, we had a poolside barbecue with hubby’s colleagues.  I tell you, I was already having second thoughts about being out in the freezing cold, but hey, only Malaysians are crazy enough to have barbecues in winter.  (Well, actually … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about calls now

SIGH…it has been about two and a half months now that we have been here in the United States, and I have survived thus far without a cellphone.  I wonder if that’s a good thing or not. Initially I did … Continue reading

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Fare thee well dearest Fall

Well, the weather is still as cold as ever, and we are ALWAYS glad to get back inside to our warmly-heated home.  When I go outdoors, I have started wearing my wool trench coat, which serves a dual purpose of … Continue reading

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Oh baby, it’s cold outside!

Yesterday evening, while chatting with allthingspurple, the subject of weather came up.  She asked me how cold it was here in San Jose.  I didn’t really know the exact temperature then, save for the fact that I could *feel* it … Continue reading

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