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Thank you, Mr Humidifier!

Since you came into our lives about 5 days ago, the air in our home has not been as dry as before.  You made your presence known not only when you managed to cure our dry throats and noses, you also played … Continue reading

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Honestly, it ain’t that bad..

A friend of mine pinged me yesterday to ask what I was doing. My reply to her was this: watching tv, surfing, breastfeeding, cooking, washing 😛 And that’s my definition of multi-tasking nowadays. But hey, it ain’t that bad… 🙂 … Continue reading

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It’s scorching hot in here!

  Man, it’s HOT out today!  Don’t know if this is beginning of even hotter days ahead, but it’s definitely one of the hottest since we got here. Last night, when I took the trash out, I felt something amiss, … Continue reading

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Up, down.. and all around

The past two weeks or so has been a rollercoaster of emotions, at least for me.  In the span of a few days, I have been suddenly thrown into a situation where I do not yet know the outcome of. … Continue reading

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Things gonna go my way

Like a typical sinusoidal graph that has its ups and downs, life’s experiences takes us on exciting journeys now and then.  But with every plunge into a dark ravine, we all pray that the ascent upwards towards better things is … Continue reading

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