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Running on the home stretch

While busy occupying myself with packing and shipping stuff, I’m glad I found time to simulate the packing of my expressed breast milk (EBM) before the actual day we are leaving. I got a 9qt Coleman cooler and placed the … Continue reading

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(Hopefully NOT) Hair Gone!

This is what I feed my hair every day, but it doesn’t matter because the inevitable has begun. I am officially losing my hair.  Literally. It happened about 3 years ago too, when Ethan was about 4 or 5 months, … Continue reading

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A celebration of his life

  Photo credits I watched it live on TV yesterday.  The tribute, the songs, the crowds, the memories. Even though it all happened about five hours away from where I was, it felt as though I was there. And I … Continue reading

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2 still-goin’-strong months

Not that I have been keeping count… 😛 It just occurred to me that it has been just over two months that I had assumed the role of SAHM, Home Project Manager, if you may.  Not an easy task, mind … Continue reading

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