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Coconut Jelly ohsoyummy!

If you like jelly (like me)… And if you like coconut (like me)… And if you like eating chilled desserts (like me)… then you will LURVE this…   I wonder if we will have time to buy some more tomorrow…

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How long does it really take?

  Why won’t Facebook allow me to upload my video?  All I see is this Uploading Video window that asks me to wait till dunno-how-long… My video is only 65MB, not even close to the maximum allowable 1024MB!

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Brown box of chicken rice

I was pleasantly surprised when the chicken rice I tarpowed was presented in the following packaging just the other day:   Bravo to the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice store in Nagore Road, Penang for choosing paper instead of plastic! 🙂 Would … Continue reading

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Waiting waiting waiting…

  Photo credits Blame it on the hospital’s system.  It was my second time in Pantai Hospital Penang, and I walked out definitely not a happy person.  And it wasn’t even me seeing the doctor to begin with! 15-minute wait … Continue reading

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Weighing my ups & downs

  Photo credits: D Sharon Pruitt How to lose 5 kilos in 1 month: Be the designated chauffeur for both your kids.  Ferry the little one to the baby sitter in the morning, and then ferry the elder one to … Continue reading

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