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EPA, DHA and Omega-3

Okay, I admit I am kiasu. But only when the health and wellbeing of my family is concerned. 🙂 And when I cook, I want to make sure that the food I put on the table is tasty as well … Continue reading

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The Santa Claus question

  Photo credits We visited the mall on the 23rd of December, doing our last minute Christmas shopping.  It just so happened that we bumped into the mall Santa Claus while we were there, and he gave some candy to Ethan. When … Continue reading

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Mini little tubs of wonder

I got a package today from Body Bar.  It was a gift from entering one of the many giveaways from My Women Stuff a few weeks ago. When I found out they were going to send me “a little something”, … Continue reading

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Buttery blast from the past

My good friend told me that Nancy Chong bakes the best butter cakes in Ipoh.  I had never heard of Nancy Chong before this, but I was curious to find out what the hooha was all about. “Let your nose … Continue reading

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Those unchanging things

Some things just never change. Like how crowded the popular ngah choy kai stalls in Ipoh are, most patrons being out-of-towners stopping by for a quick bite. Like how crunchy and succulent the ngah choy in Ipoh still is.  And … Continue reading

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