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Update on (What Used to be) My Hand Eczema and Bonus Benefits

Ever since I blogged about the healing journey of my hand eczema with Izumio and Super Lutein, I have received many curious inquiries, most of whom wanted to know how I have been faring thus far.  Most of the inquiries ranged … Continue reading

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Homemade Mandarin Marmalade (a.k.a. what to do with all those Mandarin Oranges)

Every year without fail, we will be left with loads of mandarin oranges, leftovers from the Chinese Lunar New Year.  The man of the house INSISTS on getting a box/carton of oranges each year (“Get ‘kum’ (gold in chinese) into … Continue reading

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GST: Key Points to Look Out For

Source How has your experience with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) been? For me, it has been up and down, and unfortunately more down than up.  Most of the items and services I pay for are subjected to GST, … Continue reading

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Izumio and Super Lutein: Natural Healing of Skin Problems and Disorders

Those of you who know me personally would know that I am not easily influenced to try remedies to treat illnesses and ailments, more so if they involve my kids.  I am not one who is gullible enough to try … Continue reading

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I Was In A Car Accident

There was no way we could have known an accident was about to happen.  On hindsight, it could have very well been prevented had the other car not gone so fast, and slowed down on time.  From what I remember, … Continue reading

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