PPP Love Makes the Blogging World Go Round

Blogging has become part and parcel of my life now.  Everywhere I go, if I spot something interesting, my mind would start churning out a story about it to share on my blog.  I’m not really a blogaholic per se, because I do forget to bring my camera along sometimes, and I know blogaholics would never leave home without their trusted camera.  I was thrown into the blogging world when I started chronicling the growth and development of my son about a year or so ago, but I only (finally) obtained my own personal site and blog early this year.  Now, with 2 blogs to maintain, I find myself drawn to this hobby which is enriching yet profitable.

Enriching because blogging has somewhat increased my vocabulary and allowed me to express myself through writing.  I don’t get much of a chance to emulate being a writer while I am at work.  And profitable, because my blog brings me money!  You see, I signed up with PayPerPost about a month back, primarily because I was intrigued by its tagline that one could make money blogging about the things we love.  There is nothing to lose.  I am not a full-time postie though, because I also hold a day-time job, but being a part-time postie and affiliated with PayPerPost for slightly over a month, I have already earned almost enough to cover 2 years of my domain hosting costs!  I have also widened my network of friends in the process.  Now I have blog visitors all the way from the US of A, Australia and even China!  It’s amazing how blogging unites people from different geographies.

PayPerPost has really changed the outlook in the blogging arena by creating a win-win situation; advertisers gain worldwide exposure to their products, bloggers profit from merely writing about things they care for, and PayPerPost gets the exposure to attract more posties and advertisers.  In fact, a close blogger friend of mine just came onboard several days ago…PPP love is indeed addictive!

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  1. rinnah says:

    There are so many things to blog about, but so little time! I have the same condition too – go out without camera then berate myself for not doing so. *grin*

    Yes, PPP is addictive, especially when you begin to see the $$$ roll in!

    The Giddy Tiger says: So many things to blog about, and so many blogs to visit and also so many comments to drop! Wish I had more time on my hands!

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