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Choose now: ham or eggs??

Photo credits Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy highlighted the story of ham and eggs. Do you consider yourself the ham or the eggs? Notice that with the ham and the eggs, the chicken is involved in the process…but the … Continue reading

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Listen to the voice of reason

Being a parent poses many challenges. But through these challenges, I have learnt countless things. Among others, parenthood has made me learn how to survive on only 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep at night, how to eat things really quickly, … Continue reading

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Blink blink bikini & beaches

My department has a team building event every now and then. It is a time for us to let our hair down and forget about work and also to cultivate team camaraderie. Things we have done include visits to museums … Continue reading

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Gorgeous beautiful Y-O-U!!

Photo Credits What would people do in the name of beauty? What would YOU do just to look beautiful? Oh, I know…you’re gonna shove it in my face that beauty is only skin deep, right? And yet, there are so … Continue reading

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Baubles holly mistletoe stars

I am so looking forward to Christmas. It is now less than a month to go and I am all psyched up to adorn my house in all things Christmassy. Perhaps the best gift I can get my family this … Continue reading

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