yawnin’ snoozin’ dreamin’

Wake up with a yawn and stretch, then drag drag drag weary self to the bathroom. At work walk around like a zombie and attend to tasks in a grouchy manner. Sound familiar? Yes, this is what sleep deprivation can do to us, and sadly it affects a lot of people nowadays. The root cause of this lack of sleep ranges from a stress-induced life to staying up to watch football, and yes, as most first-time parents would attest to, sleep deprivation is part and parcel of parenthood too.

For me, a relaxing massage and aromatherapy works wonders to guarantee a good night’s sleep, but if you still need insomnia help even after my suggestions and even after trying the conventional milk and cookies trick, then it might be a good time to check out http://www.sleep-deprivation-cd.com/. This CD plays relaxing tones for an hour to soothe and calm you so that you drift into dreamland effortlessly. Hmmm… it has to be good because even writing about this CD and sleep and dreaming makes me wanna go to bed already. Y-A-W-N

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  1. rinnah says:

    Maybe I should get this CD. I’ve been having trouble sleeping of late…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Let me know if it works!

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