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Filling my working tummy

More and more people are opting to work from home now.  Well, that is….if they had a choice to.  It certainly is the more economical choice now, because you’ll get work done and also not have to use up petrol … Continue reading

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Driving Miss Competence

Photo credits Last weekend, as we were driving back from the mall, we had an encounter of the fourth kind. Not an alien, but this one is a menace on the road and is a danger to everyone. Yes, the … Continue reading

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giddy giddy chef at home

My good gal pal Audrey recommends the show Chef at Home on the Asian Food Channel. She mentioned that the show features a guy with a five o’clock shadow who is also a father. I found out his name is … Continue reading

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frugal is … as frugal gets

I think frugality is an overrated word. What someone deems as frugal might not be the same in another’s dictionary. But in view of the increase in fuel prices, I definitely need to make concerted efforts to save save save, … Continue reading

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My feet are happy today

I paid RM18 to feed myself to the fish today! Well….not my whole self…just my feet…. Yup that’s right, baby! … I visited the newly opened Happy Feet Fish Spa at New World Park today, and indulged in an errrmmm…relaxing … Continue reading

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