Hunting down the bedspread


What started out as a plan to get a new set of bedsheets and quilt cover from Gurney Plaza in less than half an hour turned into an adventure that ate up a huge portion of our day instead.

After looking at all the quilt cover designs in Aussino, only one design was okayed by both hubby and me.  And after we felt the difference between cotton, polyester cotton and cotton sateen, we knew we definitely had to get that design in cotton sateen.  Could not imagine NOT sleeping on it, ever.  It was just perfect.  Matched our curtains, our walls, our personality…

Unfortunately though, they didn’t have it in KING size…. bummer.   And after a phone call, we discovered only the branch in Sunway Carnival Mall on the mainland had it.

Deciding to go and get it that day itself, with the “It’s now or never” attitude, we set out.  Not knowing that we would eventually end up in the *wrong* mall.  No GPS and wrong directions from someone led us to Aeon Seberang Prai instead.

We finally reached Sunway Carnival Mall and got what we wanted.  And even managed to put in an entry for a contest the mall was running.

Wow…the things we would do just to get the coveted quilt cover.  At least there’s an interesting story behind it. 🙂

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  1. michelle says:

    If only my hubby will do that with me, he probably say, just get one and go home. 😛

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