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Fine Dining in a Fine Mansion

Before last Tuesday, Suffolk House was just a name on a brown signboard I see every day when I drive along Scotland Road.  I had no idea it was a fine dining restaurant. So when my hubby had a company … Continue reading

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Bringing the ocean to my living room

We don’t live near the sea, … well, I can SEE the sea from my balcony, because I can see the Penang bridge, but I don’t get to enjoy the sea breeze in all its wonderment per se. So we did … Continue reading

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Do Men and Women see different things?

I wore my new tunic dress yesterday.  It has a vintage floral design with bell sleeves, with a V-neckline and buttons down the front till the waist, and comes with an accompanying sash.  It was a little too short to … Continue reading

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How I got my brand new Kristin!

Before I start my story, I want to make it clear that my delay in posting this piece of news does NOT in any way reflect what I feel.  I had wanted to post this on the day it happened, … Continue reading

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Lean on me, Glee, Love World Love Sloggi!

  I was watching Glee a couple of weeks back, and as I was (again) marvelling at how truly talented the people in the show are, they brought it home once again by closing the show with a wonderful rendition … Continue reading

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