My brand new silver and white baby

I’m sitting at my dining table now, typing out this post…yeah, you read right…my DINING TABLE.

Nope, I did not move my home PC out, which would be absolutely absurd.  Instead, I am blogging from my brand new Sony Vaio! 🙂


Excuse me while I wipe that grin from my face 🙂


This is actually a long-delayed Christmas present from my hubby, and I tell you, I totally ADORE it!  We were actually deciding between the Vaio or the Dell Studio.  I wanted something sleek in white, and I was eyeing the Dell Studio laptop with the OPI color on its casing, but then just recently Sony released the new E series Vaio laptops, and I was totally smitten!


Check out that classic, chic white, clean look, with the *chiclets* keyboard, which was another reason why we chose this baby.  The rest of the colors in the E series do not come with the white keyboard save for the white colored models.

Actually come to think of it, it’s not really even white.  The cover is more of a silvery sheen, which suits me perfectly fine.

…and did I mention it comes with a FREE original Sony Vaio backpack (Targus) and a whole lot of other goodies and freebies (like a mouse, Kensington lock, keyboard protector, etc).


Performance-wise, it is definitely MUCH faster than our home PC, and the i5 processor ROCKS!  Windows 7 interface is cool too, and feels a lot like a Mac, but we’ve experienced some itsy-bitsy bugs here and there.  They are all small enough to be ignored of course…and I’m loving the speed of this laptop immensely!

The look of my new baby is so totally me, and I am looking forward to our long-term relationship together.  Ethan has named my Vaio the new *girl’s computer* and it looks like he is *booking* the home pc for himself! LOL

Can’t get enough of the *chiclets* keyboard…


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gorgeous, fabulous Christmas present, my love! 🙂

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6 Responses to My brand new silver and white baby

  1. PB says:

    that is certainly beautiful! I took out an old laptop the other day – i can do work on it, but I try surfing and it crashes when 3 tabs are opened – not enough memory I think so no cafe world for me on it! damn sien 😛

  2. Allan says:


  3. Adino says:

    Looks really cool, and a great value package too!

  4. kyh says:

    woah… totally CHIC!!!

  5. Linda Tan says:

    Soooo CHIC!!!!! I wonder if the display colour is good too. Is it a LED backlight display?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hubbs claims the display color is SO much better than his laptop’s 🙂 And yes, it DOES have the LED backlight! *grins*

  6. bosscat says:

    How was it?

    Any positive feedback?

    I love their design. Would love to know since I’m getting a new laptop too.

    The Giddy Tigress says: I’m really loving the look and feel of it, although Windows 7 does have some problematic issues in that it has startup errors sometimes. Nothing that a reboot can’t fix though. Apart from that, the laptop is fantastic. Does get a little warm if you put it on your LAP though, but if you place it on the table, it’s all right. All in all, a great looker with great style and I simply love it!

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