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I shouldn’t feel entirely guilty but…

…I still feel that it’s partially my fault. SIGH. You see, as I was mopping the floor today, my mop hit the skirting of my timber stripped floor, and onto the floor jumped a very tiny black lizard.  It didn’t … Continue reading

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Saving my ten little fingers

I have always been prone to eczema and skin problems on my hands and fingers.  And everytime the problem presented itself, I tried many methods to heal it.  Creams, band-aids, abstinence from washing detergents, changing my diet, …you name it, … Continue reading

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A year has passed…


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Hit and Run in the Morning

Just a small accident, really…but the shock of it all is appalling. See…this is what my side mirror SHOULD look like: It has a nice chrome shell, that gives my car its unique look, i.e. can spot a mile away. … Continue reading

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A Career in Nursing

A dear friend of mine once told me she wanted to take up nursing as a career.  Her demeanor and personality was that of a very caring person and because she always puts the needs of others before herself, I … Continue reading

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