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My Maiden Chainmaille Wonder

I’ve been intrigued with chainmaille jewelry and have had sweet contemplations of creating some of my own for a few months now, especially since I’ve been wearing one of Tine’s beautiful creations. So here’s my first ever handmade chainmaille pair … Continue reading

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Liver on Bread

What we ate: Foie Gras What it is: Fattened liver, typically from a goose or a duck.  The foie gras that we had stated Foie Gras D’Oie, which meant that it was goose liver. What it looked like: A light brownish … Continue reading

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Have I really??

We are considered regulars at a certain McDonald’s outlet, and because of this, one of the store supervisors knows us very well.  Actually I would say she probably looks forward to seeing the kids more … Anyway, I was ordering … Continue reading

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Sushi Too Little Too Late

I’m officially boycotting Sushi King.  Oh, not ALL the Sushi King outlets.  Just the one in Queensbay Mall. I was there for lunch just a few days ago and I brought my son along with me.  The place was really … Continue reading

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