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Forced Apologies, Spankings and Other Conundrums

Image Credits: Well, I was preparing to lay off blogging for a few more days owing to laziness and being preoccupied with other personal matters, but something happened today that has started me on my thinking process again. And … Continue reading

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The Problem With Winning Something Is…

…when you cannot decide what to get! Well, it’s not that I won something *something*.  It’s because I won a cash voucher to get a DRESS from DoubleWoot! So help me out here, my dear readers….I have RM30 to blow … Continue reading

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Superhero Father’s Day

Let’s face it.  Getting a present for Father’s Day is the most daunting task in the whole wide world.  And if you have someone who already has a wallet, doesn’t wear ties and has a whole drawer full of socks, … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Packed with Wholesome Goodness

Now doesn’t that sound like the tagline for a breakfast cereal!  Haha.. No, I’m not here to promote the latest breakfast cereal you can get from the store, but rather, I just wanted to share how I have been preparing … Continue reading

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Pampering Myself with A Soothing Facial Treatment from Cellnique

Yesterday, after a hiatus of maybe 4 years or so, I finally went for a facial.  I was blessed to be invited by Cellnique to experience a facial treatment at Slimfeel Beauty SPA Wellness in Island Glades, Penang, which is … Continue reading

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