Pampering Myself with A Soothing Facial Treatment from Cellnique

Yesterday, after a hiatus of maybe 4 years or so, I finally went for a facial.  I was blessed to be invited by Cellnique to experience a facial treatment at Slimfeel Beauty SPA Wellness in Island Glades, Penang, which is one of the many Cellnique treatment centers around.  By the way, there’s a little something at the end of this post for all you readers out there who would like to try out one of the Cellnique facial treatments yourself. 🙂

I could not find any firm information from the internet about the origins of Cellnique products but it does appear to be an Asian-grown line, either from Malaysia or Singapore.  The flagship boutique for Cellnique products is CRES Wellness in the Klang Valley.  I have heard from a friend that the products are very good though, so I was excited to try it out for myself.

I was 10 minutes early for the facial but through some miscommunication, apparently they had been expecting me half an hour ago.

Oh well.

Parking was not a problem as the salon is a actually a converted double storey terrace house located on the main road, with 4 parking spaces available right in front on the porch…well, 5 if you drive a ForTwo or Viva.  But let’s not digress.

The reception area is downstairs, and carpeted stairs will take you upstairs to the treatment rooms.  I learnt from Yvonne (the beauty consultant and facial therapist), that besides providing Cellnique facial treatments, Slimfeel also specializes in spa and slimming treatments.  The spa and jacuzzi rooms sure look inviting! 🙂

So after the brief walkthrough, I was ushered into the facial treatment room.

Since it was my maiden experience using Cellnique products, I told Yvonne about my skin allergy to isothiazolin, just to be sure the products she would be using did not contain it.  I was incredibly impressed that at once, Yvonne knew what isothiazolin was, and she was also very confident that the products she used on me did not contain that ingredient. (I later learnt that Yvonne had over 10 years of experience as a Cellnique facial therapist!)

Before the treatment started, Yvonne checked my skin (manually though, not using some machine or anything), and concluded that my skin was dehydrated on the surface, and oily underneath, which resulted in several clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads.  Something that I was already aware of, actually.

For my ultra sensitive skin, she recommended the Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Skin (RM138 for 1hr 15mins).  On the whole, the facial was extremely relaxing, and all the products felt very refreshing and hydrating.  I especially liked that the extraction process was done very quickly and efficiently.  I honestly felt no pain at all, and that’s a big deal for someone whose face has not been extracted for 4 years!

Extraction was followed by a cooling high frequency machine treatment which was already a massage in itself.

Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest.  For my facials, the massage *segment* is one of my most important ones.  For me, it either makes or breaks the facial.  And when my face massage started for this one, I knew it was going to be a great one.  I had never experienced massage techniques like those before; they were extremely relaxing and hit the right pressure points at the right time.  The facial massage actually overshadowed the neck and shoulder massage though, which was just the normal ones you get.

The Soothing and Hydrating Lotion used as a toner did have a scent I could detect, and the facial therapist confirmed it was ginger.  Because I preferred my ginger only in my food and my toner scent-free, I was kind of taken aback by it a little, albeit the scent was not strong.

I’ll have to give two thumbs up for the combination of the Intenstive Hydrating Oasis Gel and the Intensive Soothing & Hydrating Masque used.  They worked together marvelously to achieve smooth, moisturized and supple skin.

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What I Loved:

  • Extraction process was quick and painless.  This is usually my most feared part of any facial, and I was delightfully surprised that it was done and over with in a jiffy.
  • Facial massage was out of this world!  I have never experienced a better facial massage before and all the correct pressure points were massaged.

Things that Could be Improved:

  • I was not provided any locker to place my belongings during my facial.  I was only provided wooden hangers for my clothes and an open shelf in the treatment room.  Granted, I only brought along my wristlet, so it was okay, but if they could install lockers in the treatment rooms, that would be so much better.
  • A reminder call-up the day before my appointment would have sorted out the miscommunication on appointment time.



All in all, I did enjoy my one hour or so of pampering.  My skin actually feels more moisturized, and I even got my brows trimmed!  Yay!  And also, a friend of mine commented that my face looked clearer and had a glow to it yesterday and today, which meant that the facial did do something to it! 🙂

So ahem…here are the Before and After shots…sans makeup, and as barefaced as you’ll ever see me.

What’s that now?  You don’t really see a difference?

Well, that’s what I figured too…’cos how can I expect a miraculous transformation after just an hour or so of the treatment, right?  So let’s try a close up look on my cheek then. (please excuse the freckles and discoloration, I did tell you it was a bare-all, right?)

A little bit of pore size reduction noticed, I can see.  And the skin does look more supple.  Just in case you were wondering though, both pictures were taken at the exact same spot for an even comparing ground.

There are many other facial treatments offered by Cellnique, and according to Yvonne, she had wanted to give me the Multivitamin Treatment at first, but because of my sensitive skin, she had decided on the Soothing Treatment instead.

[stextbox id=”info”]Slimfeel Beauty SPA Wellness offers Cellnique facial treatments at No.2R Jalan Delima, Island Glades, 11700 Penang.  Tel: 04-6567747[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”custom”]And now, especially for all you readers out there, how would you like to score a RM100 Cellnique Treatment Discount Voucher redeemable for a Cellnique Facial Treatment?  All you need to do is be one of the first 50 people to leave a comment on my review link on the Cellnique Facebook page, and a representative from Cellnique will contact you with regards to the voucher.  You can choose your preferred outlet to redeem your voucher. [/stextbox]

See, I told you it was easy 🙂

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5 Responses to Pampering Myself with A Soothing Facial Treatment from Cellnique

  1. slavemom says:

    I’m amazed that the extraction was painless altho u’ve not gone for facial for so many yrs. I suppose u hydrate ur skin vy well with the right prods. 😉

    The Giddy Tigress says: I am as amazed as you are 🙂 I do use hydrating products for my skin but apparently it’s still insufficient…gonna moisturize more and more now!

  2. littlelamb says:

    Yes, I agree with slavemom. Perhaps you have kept and maintain your face very well. The part I hate most is the extractions and sometimes the beautician will say “Your face sooooo difficult to extract..long time never do facial” like an insult. and yes, I normally ask for extra massage and to include the shoulders too 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: The wait for the extraction to end is excruciating, surprisingly this one was very quick. An unexpected surprise indeed. I’ve only done mini facials at home – can’t really afford the time and luxury to have a full-blown one at home.

  3. Ling says:

    Wow amazing. I would like to try it out. Does the facial uses any machine?

    The Giddy Tigress says: For the facial that I had, there was the high frequency machine treatment, but then there are many other types of facials available too. You can call to inquire within.

  4. Chin says:

    Any slimming and spa package besides facial?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes, this outlet does have slimming and spa packages available too.

  5. Ling says:

    The RM100 voucher still available? I plan to try it out.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Well, you could try 🙂 Just leave a comment at the link provided in my post (on the Cellnique FB page) and contact Cellnique to find out if it’s still available. I would love to know what you think of the facial too!

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