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Ipoh for the Weekend

We made a trip to Ipoh last weekend, because it had been a long while since the kids had visited their grandparents, and coincidentally my parents were in Penang a few days before, so I figured it would be a … Continue reading

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The Modern Way to Prepare for Examinations

Back in those days, students used to prepare for examinations using sample test papers which could either be purchased from bookstores or shared among friends.  I remember we sometimes exchanged trial exam papers with friends from other schools too, just … Continue reading

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My Absolutely Natural and Homemade Mosquito Repellent

The two things I am very particular about when I get my kids ready for school are: Sunblock Mosquito repellent For sunblock, I use the storebought versions which just frankly makes life easier for me, plus it works wonders, but … Continue reading

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A Photobook Project Ticked Off My List

After much delay and procrastination, I am proud and pleased to announce that I have finally completed Hannah’s photobook! 🙂 After I made one for Ethan some years ago, I have sometimes been “pressured” to make another one for Hannah. … Continue reading

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