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The Adobo Craving That I Succumbed To

Have you ever succumbed to a food craving so strongly that you ended up cooking it just so you could satisfy your craving? That happened to me last Thursday. Chicken Adobo was a dish I was introduced to by a … Continue reading

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My Personal Guide to Postpartum Exercise

One of the most common questions from mothers with newborns is, “When can I start exercising again?” While it is the general rule to wait at least 6 weeks, I do believe that we can start as soon as we … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Used Body Lotion on Your Face?

This could be one of the craziest beauty-related and skin-related things I have ever done, but certainly one that I do not regret. It happened somewhere in the middle of my recent pregnancy, when I was about to run out … Continue reading

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I Can See Clearly Now…

It took us some time to get on the Visions bandwagon, and I wonder why. I had always used my Ikea pots and pans which I believe is made from Teflon.  These had served us well, until we came to … Continue reading

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