I Can See Clearly Now…

It took us some time to get on the Visions bandwagon, and I wonder why.

I had always used my Ikea pots and pans which I believe is made from Teflon.  These had served us well, until we came to the States.  Then I started washing these pots in the dishwasher sometimes and after several washes, I noticed the grey inner layer was wearing off.  In addition the outer shell of the pots were beginning to look duller.  The last straw was when I saw a greyish liquid dissolving out from the pot!  Eewwww!!!

Well, so we ended up getting this 4-piece Visions set yesterday, and it was so cool to “watch” the soup cook today on the stovetop…at least to me, it was.  It definitely will not secrete harmful chemicals into our food and it looks mega cool on the stove too!

I’m still thinking about getting a cast iron skillet though, still weighing the pros and cons… 🙂

For now, I am pretty happy with our Visions purchase (We got an additional $10 off the already-reduced sale price too!  SCORE!!).  And just in case you were wondering, the soup DOES indeed tastes better cooked in the Visions pot. 🙂

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