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Project Declutter Playroom

Decluttering. The very thought of it makes me so happy inside.  Really. I always feel so liberated after a decluttering session, like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  The more I declutter, the lighter I feel. However … Continue reading

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Stuck On the Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

My life is a never-ending quest of getting things organized, especially so now that I have two super-active kids who are running around every single day and creating “creative messes” everywhere they go.  My third one will no doubt soon … Continue reading

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Who, Me? Organized?

Well, haha not entirely yet, but that’s the goal, and I always tell myself to do it in little itty-bitty steps at a time. Today, my dear friends, I am gonna attack that little drawer compartment in my refrigerator where … Continue reading

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