Who, Me? Organized?

Well, haha not entirely yet, but that’s the goal, and I always tell myself to do it in little itty-bitty steps at a time.

Today, my dear friends, I am gonna attack that little drawer compartment in my refrigerator where I store all my grains and flour.  Why the fridge, you might ask?  Don’t I store my grains and flour in the larder like normal people do?

Actually most of my grains and flour are organic, and I was told to keep them chilled in the refrigerator to ensure little insects don’t infest them.  I keep some in the fridge and some in the freezer and this system has worked well thus far.  No insects, minimal fuss, but oh…it’s such an eyesore!

See what I mean?  Just looking at it is giving me a major headache.  I’m using those Ikea clips to keep the bags closed, but you’ll have to admit…it looks pretty darn messy, right?

Wonder how I lived through this mess for so long now.


Enter the revelation:

Can you almost hear angels singing the Hallelujah chorus? 🙂

Yeah, I thought so. 🙂

These glass jars are from Prego and I use the spaghetti/pasta sauces when I cook spaghetti/pasta for my family.  Sometimes I do add additional ingredients like tomatoes, basil, garlic, mushrooms, parsley, whatever…but the Prego base sauces are the best.

Anyway, I’ve saved these jars for “just in case I need them”.  Didn’t know when or how at that time, but I’ve diligently washed out the jars, and peeled off the labels and then into the cupboards they went…taking up space all this time, but doing nothing.

Up until now.

I decided to reorganize my grains and flour into these Prego jars.  They were absolutely the right size, and they were made of glass, so no issues there on plastic chemical breakdown…plus they looked really nice and classy, yes?

Next I needed some labels for the jars!  I saw some on Pinterest but I would need to resize them to fit my jars anyway and on top of that, I need them customized to the stuff I would store, therefore I decided to quickly design some of my own. 🙂

…and voila!

I printed them on colored paper, and cut the labels out.  I managed to get a whole roll of sticky laminate-like sheets from a nearby stationery store: at RM3 per roll of about 1 meter, it was a steal!    I just had to cut out the size I needed from the plastic laminate sheets and fold them properly onto the cut-out labels.  Then I cut around the laminated circle.

The labels were not stiff like laminated cards, but they were nicely wrapped up on either side and that was what I wanted.  I then stuck them onto the lids of the jars using double-sided tape, and now my grains all have a nice cozy home.

I think I’m gonna cry.  Don’t they look happy? 😀

I still have a few bags of flour to go through, so I need to find some space to store them.  But this is a great start!  I might just go with a different color scheme for those! 🙂

If you like my idea, and especially if you have a lot of Prego jars sitting at home too, I’m happy to share my printables with you.  Just click here to download the templates, then print onto a colored paper of your choice and you can edit it with your own ingredient names; either write them in or type them in with your favorite fonts. 🙂  Have fun!!

There’s a problem with my printer though, which resulted in the inconsistent shade on the circles, but the original design has a nice checked circle to it.

Hope you like my idea there…now…what else can I reorganize…..hmmmm….?

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2 Responses to Who, Me? Organized?

  1. Joey says:

    Very neat and nice indeed! I need to do that as well – my fridge compartment looks a lot worse than yours pre-revamp :)) Thanks for the template!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Awww…thanks Joey! Means a lot to me since it’s one of my first steps towards reorganization. 🙂

  2. zoe says:

    May i know how does the sticky laminate-like sheets looks like in their original packaging? I want to get one too but don’t know how i should tell the stationery shop…i normally just laminate my stuff….

    The Giddy Tigress says: Mine came in a roll, much like what we get when we buy the transparent wrapper to wrap books with. I asked the man for self-laminating sheets that do not need machines to laminate, and he recommended this. If you’re based in Penang, I can point you out to the store which I got mine from 🙂

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