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SIGH…It is really getting boring in the paid posts arena.  There is a serious lack of quality paid posts to select from.  All we get these days are posts on mortgages, insurance and credit cards.  Boring boring boring.  So I was relieved that there is now a new site that is also on the bandwagon to connect advertisers with bloggers, where bloggers get paid for blogging about products, reviews, and just about everything under the sun.  At Smorty, signing up is a breeze and after your blog is approved (typically it will take up to 72 hours, but mine got approved in less than 12 hours!), you will be given the opportunity accept tasks which have been assigned to you.  The price you get for each paid post depends on your blog ranking.  I’m not getting many good posts right now mainly due to my low Google PR (Boohoo…), but I am hoping and praying that the upcoming Google reranking will change that.  Anyway, when your blog gets approved in Smorty, you will get to see how many offers there are still available for that particular opportunity, should you choose to accept it.  Payment is made via PayPal and is done on a weekly basis, so that’s good. 🙂  So go check it out today – who knows, you might like it!

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  1. Vedis Teh says:

    Hi, I signed up this paid to blog program two days ago. Wondering if you have done the same ?

    I have submitted two post to Smorty, pending approval now. ;D

    I believe you are better than me. Look up- Nuffnang. Look right – ReviewMe

    The Giddy Tiger says: Haha… yeah I did. One post pending approval, this one. Btw, welcome to my blog!

  2. So is this really worthwhile to do? I have been debating this more lately. In the past I would have never considered. But as I prepare to quit my job I see that I want to find other ways to make some cash. Some passive income would help in times when tax season is over and I am not working on financials. Then I throw in some ebay too.

    Would appreciate your two cents on this.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Why not? Give it a shot, and I must say you have impressed me with your writing, if I might say so myself. I myself am slotting in a few paid posts now and then. It doesn’t pay off my mortgage but something is always better than nothing. If you try it and you don’t like it, just stop. At least you gave yourself a chance 🙂

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