Awww….and Audi!

Hands up those of you who have dreamt (or are dreaming) of owning an Audi!  I can imagine a big group of people jumping up and down, waving their hands madly in the air!  In fact, it is without a doubt that the Audi is a car that is considered to be in the same league as a Beemer, a Jaguar or a Mercedes Benz.  And you know what would be the perfect accessory for an Audi?  ME!!!!!  Just yesterday, my hubby was telling me that he likes the simple “rings” logo an Audi has.  Well, I don’t know if he was trying to hint on a Father’s Day present or not this coming Sunday, but I do agree that if you have the moolah to spend on a set of wheels, the Audi is the way to go (rings logo or not).  It is a classic, sophisticated, cool car and yes, a definite chick magnet. *wink* Oh yeah, and I’m sure everyone would want it as their *toy*.

*blinks and snaps out from daydreaming*

SIGH….But if owning an Audi is out of your league, it still never hurts to dream.  And now you can keep that dream alive by bringing the Audi to your PC.  Try staring at that dream car of yours till kingdom comes…. haha….if only it were that simple to own an Audi!  However, with these awesome Audi wallpapers and screensavers, you will be looking at the car day in and day out until it (hopefully) becomes a reality!  Just think about it, when you are idling away and thinking about what to blog, this tempting Audi screensaver greets you in the face and totally, absolutely cheers you up!  You can choose from the various wallpaper designs they have; I am sure you will be spoilt for choice.

But if an Audi is not really your cup of tea (though I can’t imagine why ever not), perhaps you would love checking out these used cars instead?  You can use the impressive search tool to find cars, stating your price range and car model and make too.  In addition, you can use the highly impressive and unique map locator to locate the nearest car dealer.  Too bad this site only locates dealers in the UK, so I will have to be contented with the *virtual car* for now.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go download that Audi Roadster wallpaper pronto and start swooning!

~This is a sponsored review which will go into my savings to own myself an Audi~

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4 Responses to Awww….and Audi!

  1. rinnah says:

    Funny you should post this up but actually my personal preference has always been an Audi over a BMW or Mercedes! My ex-boss drives an Audi A4 and I thought it was a very good car. But for now, I’m going to set my sights lower and work on upgrading my little Kelisa to a Toyota Vios!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Come over to Penang and I give you a ride on your *now* dream car… hehehe

  2. LB says:

    I’ll have one too.. the TT, but wait! Before you run off to buy one, please consider the Mini Cooper for me instead, ok?

    The Giddy Tiger says: I want an Audi and a Mini Cooper…I can understand your request, the Mini Cooper being the symbol of the Italian Job and all!

  3. Pinkelle says:

    Audi is one of my favourite cars!!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Oh yeah…and what are the rest? 🙂

  4. Angie says:

    Maybe Pete can make do with the “rings” keychain first…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Do the “rings” keychain happen to come with the key to the “rings”-logoed car? *nudge and wink*

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